War Arcana is an online multiplayer strategic fantasy RPG where you must cleverly trade and strategically choose your battles to raise above the other struggling players.

It has the ease of a casual game with playing 5 minutes every day sufficient to stay ahead, and yet it has the depth of the experience to satisfy even hard-core RPG fans.

Game Basics

At first glance, War Arcana resembles an old school RPG: you're cast as the leader of a small group of soldiers and there's a whole world to freely explore.

But that's also where similarities end. There is no storyline except for the story you and the other players are creating by playing the game.


You advance by trading between villages; the money you earn can be invested in more carts or soldiers. While carts improve trade, more soldiers give you an equally important improvement to attack and defence.

There are no computer opponents - everyone you meet are run by other players facing the same difficulties - and opportunities - as yourself.

Will you prey on the weak to steal your riches from those you slaughter? And depending on your own actions, what will others do to you?

Death is always close at hand and very, very real.

Although you are allowed to reincarnate, you do so with nothing other than your knowledge of the world to help you get back to the top.

If you plunder and slaughter, you can be assured that one day people will gang up on you. If you are fair and kind, you might inspire respect and kindness - but will it be enough?

Unlike the usual MMOs where no-one can make any difference to a static world. In War Arcana, the players define the story and become part of each others' tales.




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