Five Card Jazz

Five Card Jazz takes yatzhee and video poker and molds them together in a new and fun direction.

Play with cards instead of dice and explore the wealth of hidden bonuses that separates the beginner from the pro!

In Five Card Jazz you draw cards to form a poker hand, much like video poker – but unlike video poker you need luck more than once! Just like Yahtzee it’s the total score on the sheet that counts, but luckily you can save draws from one hand to the other in order to stack up lots of redraws when you need it.

As you play, you’ll learn discover secret bonuses that let you score points even for seemingly worthless hands. The more bonuses you uncover, the better your chances are to score high points no matter what hand you are dealt!

There are daily, weekly and monthly pots of play money to compete for as well to claim the title as the greatest winner of them all.

If you like playing cards, you’ll love Five Card Jazz!!


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