Our Games


War Arcana (in development)

This is our most ambitious project to date, an online multiplayer strategy/RPG played in a fantasy world, each game lasting a month or more. It's a game where you create your own legend and where the other players' actions make up the background story. It's an immersive fantasy RPG experience for casual and hard-core gamers alike.


Jamaican Discsta

This faithful remake of Street Media 7's reggae adventure puts you on the streets of Kingston, trying to sell and promote records in order to gain fame and riches. It's old school gameplay at its best. 


Five Card Jazz

Five Card Jazz brings you a unique blend of Yahtzee and Video Poker. Draw poker hands and compete for the best scores by superior strategy and knowledge of the secret bonuses.



MySokoban is a version of the enormously addictive puzzle game "Sokoban". With cute retro JRPG graphics and all the original gameplay, this game won't disappoint.




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